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    Can CBD Help Your Golf Game?

    Posted by Madelene on 7/2/2019 to CBD News

    Can CBD Help

    Your Golf Game?


    Interested in knowing how CBD can help your golf game? Let’s think about how golf can affect your body first…

    A golf swing can do a number on your body. Think about the number of times you take a whack at that little white ball in one round. If you’re a scratch golfer, you’ll hit the ball 72 times per round, but that doesn’t include practice swings or the warm-up before the round. Then think about how often you bend down to place the ball or pick it up. If you’re a walker, add about 4 miles of walking to the mix, likely lugging a heavy bag on your back…and this is just one round! Golf seems like a very low-impact sport but the strain it can put on your back and body in general is real.

    The repetitive movements a golfer makes can lead to inflammation of the joints, a common result of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)1. This, combined with pinched nerves and the overall aches and pains related to getting older, it’s no wonder why golfers experience increased pain over the years. Looking for a way to ease this pain and inflammation without adding another white pill to the mix? CBD is your answer.

    Research is showing that CBD can significantly decrease the inflammation and pain golfers experience. As a natural substitute for relief, CBD will not only ease these ailments but will also help with some added mental focus that all golfers desire. It’s a golfer’s dream. You get the benefits of pain relief without the mental high that can severely take away from your game. As an added bonus, instead of further damaging your liver like common pain relievers do, CBD enhances your liver functionality and leaves your body in a better place.

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